‘How can I know what I think until I can hear what I say’ (Rowan Williams)

I am a writer and practising psychotherapeutic counsellor. I write with emotional depth. My writing informs me and is my personal therapy as I move towards healing from an emotionally abusive childhood and as I grow as a human being.  When my Mother died in 2007, I embarked upon my training to be a psychotherapist.  It was only when my Mother passed away that I could move from beneath her shadow and tell my own story. Within a complex web of secrets and lies, my mother silenced me all my life. With no voice and suffering from the impacts of emotional abuse, I did not know myself, nor did I know how I felt or what I thought. I felt empty.

Separating from my Mother, becoming my own person and telling my story is now my focus. The process is on-going and like a jigsaw, I am slowly piecing the bits together, making sense of who I am and getting to know my true, authentic self. I have finally found my voice.

This blog forms part of my healing process. I am writing it primarily to work through my own issues, but also I am writing it to learn about the craft of creative writing and the complexities of writing a novel.

My writing is character driven rather than plot driven and focusses on the characters and their internal changes, more so than events, situations and external changes. Plots that are character driven are commonly referred to as “literary fiction” due to the fact that they feature characters that possess multiple layers that are exposed as the story develops. Developing characters, writing a character driven novel requires a willingness to write from an emotional depth. I am using my blog to explore this. Read my blog for a fascinating insight into human emotions and what I have learnt about myself and my truth. Read my blog for a hint, tip or a suggestion for developing your characters, for writing in a character driven way.

Through my writing, blogging, my art, my love of walking and nature, my practise as a psychotherapist and as a yogi, I know I can be the person I was always meant to be.

 Thank you for visiting. I hope you find my blog insightful and stimulating.


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