Writing for Wellbeing

Did you know expressive writing that comes from within ourselves, that is written solely for ourselves, has been shown to calm emotions and help still the mind? This form of writing encourages feelings of compassion, meaning we become kinder to ourselves and to others.

I facilitate Writing for Wellbeing Workshops. Each workshop has a different theme and the emphasis is on enabling feelings of comfort and relaxation. I use a combination of creative writing prompts and poetry designed to inspire and encourage you to find the real you that resides within. 

Reading out written responses is invited but there is be no obligation whatsoever to share.

Welcome to the wonderful world of writing for wellbeing. Any writing, including free writing, writing stories, poems, journaling, even letters can improve our mood and wellbeing. Attendees do not need any special materials other than a notebook/paper and pen/pencil. Writing for wellbeing is about a willingness to get your own words down on the page. Whatever is written is right. Nothing is wrong.

We will use a variety of writing prompts such as poems, objects, photos and visualisations which will help you express yourself through writing. By writing down our thoughts, feelings and ideas, things can become clearer, more understandable and gives us a sense of perspective and control. Writing helps personal development and this kind of writing has the potential for therapeutic benefit. Writing can stir up many things, so it is important to write what is within your safe limits and to take self-care. You don’t need to share your words with other people in the group. We are using the medium of writing for self-discovery, affirming our ability to know what we need to enhance our wellbeing.


  • Experience a sense of release as you get words down on the page.
  • Helps get you in touch with yourself.
  • Helps you gain a sense of control over unsettling emotions.
  • Increases self awareness and feelings of compassion for yourself and for others.
  • Helps bring things into perspective and helps see things from other perspectives.
  • Helps you feel restored emotionally as you focus on what you already have and what you need to improve your wellbeing.

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