On Travelling



I am currently journeying through Western Canada between Calgary and Vancouver, so a good opportunity to capture my thoughts on travelling.

I used to go on holiday, now I travel.

Going on holiday was primarily about taking a break from the routine of work;  resting, relaxing, maybe trying a new activity like snorkelling, drinking, eating different foods, reading, taking in the scenery – anything really which took me away from the daily grind.

I still relish all of the above but travelling has become so much more. Here are a few reasons why I love travelling:

  • Travelling makes me feel more alive. I tingle with expectation and the promise of new adventures I can experience through all of my senses.
  • Escape. Everyday life can be mundane, a routine. To escape from the norm, to do different things, to do things differently is refreshing and stimulating.
  • Expanding my mind. Soaking up local history, learning about different cultures, observing new customs, listening in on conversations, keeping my eyes and ears open. Learning, understanding, appreciating, adapting and changing. All of this means I expand my mind and grow as a human being.
  • Satisfying curiosity. I am curious abut others, I like to understand what makes others tick, I find human psychology fascinating. Travelling gives me the opportunity to discover more about others. It can be scary, moving me beyond what is comfortable but is rewarding at the same time.
  • Nature. Travelling provides me with the chance to see more of nature and learn about the natural world and the problems facing all forms of life. I love nature and to see different animals, insects, birds, flora and fauna brings me great joy and happiness.
  • Gratitude. Travelling brings a sense of perspective and gratitude. It helps me relish home and appreciate how lucky I am to call England my home. I love to travel, but I love coming home.
  • Learning to be me. Despite being beyond my middling years, I am still discovering who I am. Travelling provides me with many opportunities to experience new things and therefore to discover and learn about myself; what I think and feel and how I react and the choices I have when faced with a brand new experience or set of circumstances. It is interesting to discover new things about me when I have lived with me for so long!


When I travel, I think, I reflect and I ponder. I observe and I listen. I take it all in.  This is all great material for writing. I carry a note book with me wherever I go to jot down thoughts and new concepts. I write when I can, most days. Travelling allows me the freedom to explore in my mind (as well as in the physical world) and to be creative. Ideas flow and take shape. Some materialise into  scenes, snippets of writing, even fully formed short stories. Others germinate or take root to be picked up later when I’ve returned home.

Travelling is never dull.

Travelling is enriching and wholesome.

Travelling is freedom.

Travelling is a privilege and I am grateful to be able to do it.


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