Home. Finding my way Home. This is what I have been invited to do as I follow a 30 day yoga practice which began on 1st January.

Yoga is a mind, body and spirit practice with a 5,000 year history in ancient Indian philosophy. For me it is a guide for how to live my life. What I learn on the mat, I take with me off the mat.

The practice I am following for the first 30 days of this year is helping me transition through a challenging time in my life. As I consider what ‘Home’ is in a figurative sense, not in a physical sense, I am in a place of uncertainty which is destabilising. I am realising however that embracing what’s happening in a positive way and using it as an opportunity,  a vehicle and a time for self inquiry and learning is both comforting and liberating.

Each day of the ‘Home’ 30 day yoga practice is designed to deliver a message and uses a single word to introduce the practice and an invitation to meditate on the significant of the word and what it means in light of the overarching theme of ‘Home’.

So far I have been invited to consider:










Dig In




Reset and


Whilst practising the asana’s, I have listened to my inner voice and considered these words and what ‘Home’ and  finding my way ‘Home’ means for me.

My guide and teacher is Adriene Mishler Yoga with Adriene


And my writing?

I am journalling thoughts and feelings during this 30 day yoga practice. Journalling helps me remain present and evokes a greater sense of the self. Writing it down assists in untangling thoughts and is helping me find clarity.

All is well.

I keep writing.


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