Feeling Small

Today Blogging 101 asks us to publish a post written with our ideal reader in mind. Hmmm an interesting thought. My ideal reader is someone who is willing to engage, either through contact (liking, commenting) or who feels compelled to consider my words carefully and wonder about me and why I have written what I’ve written. Searching for meaning, taking time to reflect, being curious and reaching out to ask why – this is my ideal reader. To connect with or engage with my ideal reader, I need to be as authentic as I can be. Funny thing that, as this is one of my reasons for blogging anyway  – to be my myself, open and honest and find my true voice. No more hiding!

I attended a workshop today. It was organised by the mental health charity Mind who in collaboration with my local NHS Trust, are launching a new Wellbeing Service in support of anyone who has issues dealing with their mental health. As a practising psychotherapist, I feel I have something to offer and wanted to contribute to the discussions. I am far less apprehensive than I used to be when in a group and so I felt confident about attending the workshop. Sadly, as the workshop progressed, I began to feel small and found it difficult to get noticed, to get my voice to be heard. Every time I went to speak out, someone got in before me. Why is it that it is such a battle for me to be heard?


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