Grasping the moment

Blogging 101 gave us the weekend off, but encouraged us to consider our blog, use the reader and generally make some progress.

As I floated along on a tide of wellbeing this weekend, I had some inspirational thoughts for blogging, but didn’t grasp the moment, write and post. Now, as I have settled down to write and post, my earlier thoughts have floated away. A lesson then – I must grasp the moment when ideas for writing come to me and post an entry whilst I am energised with enthusiasm. What comes to mind now in this moment is the fabulous book I am reading – it’s called ‘the Payings Guests’ by Sarah Waters. I have read all her books and each one I find enthralling. She manages to take me into the heart of all her characters, so I am observing them from the inside out. Marvellous!

Keen observers will notice that I have added pages to my blog – the contents of which will be updated over time.

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