Managing Time



One second, one minute, one hour, one day, one week one month, one year, one decade. We all have time. What we choose to do with it, how we relate to it, who we choose to spend it with, where we spend it, what happens within us when we become aware it is finite and why we reflect on it, is unique to each of us.

I became aware my time is running out when my mother died in 2007. A significant event, many people share, but not everyone will respond to losing their mother, their father, or anyone else in their life, in the same way.

For me, losing my mother signified a watershed moment and time took on a different meaning. I began to change, to alter my life in significant ways. I recognised repeating  patterns that were no longer serving me and set about changing them. Of course, these changes didn’t happen over night. It is only now, twelve years on, I can say I use my time wisely, am aware of it passing and make decisions about my time to ensure my wellbeing always comes first.

How do you manage your time?

I manage mine so I can keep heathy in mind, body and spirit. I do this by attending to:

  • My connections with others; I nurture my friendships and all relationships, including my relationship with myself and with the natural world
  • Keeping active, taking exercise, moving my body; yoga, walking, cycling, power walking
  • Learning, developing, experiencing new things
  • Giving; by helping others I can help myself, as being kind, taking care of others, giving my time to others freely brings a sense of being valued, increases self esteem and generally make me feel good about myself
  • Noticing. I try always to enjoy the present moment and take notice, moment by moment. Although I find pleasure in reflecting on the past, sometimes it can bring pain. Similarly, looking to the future can bring an anticipation of excitement, but also can ignite fears, worries, concerns. Staying in the present, being mindful brings me peace and a sense of wellness
  • Making time for pleasures, things that bring me joy, like my writing


Managing my time to ensure I find time to write is essential for my wellbeing. It can be difficult, but little and often works best for me. I have discovered my optimum writing time is mid morning with a coffee by my side and usually is in a cafe. Finding time to think about my writing is as important as the physical task. I find this happens naturally, in quiet moments, usually when I am out walking, but often in the moments before sleep or on waking.

Pay attention to your time, manage your time, make the most of your time. It will soon run out.


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