Being Radiant, Being in Tune with Your Personal Power – Manipura Chakra

Here I continue my humble attempt to briefly introduce the Chakras and describe a little about them and what they mean to me. This is the third Chakra – Manipura Chakra.

Later in my life, much later than I would have liked, I began believing in myself and listening to my intuition. I began making my own decisions without referring to others for advice, listening to my heart and moving in a direction where I felt empowered, sustained and fulfilled..

For many people, depending on their family circumstances and whether or nor they have felt safe and been securely attached and nurtured, a sense of self esteem and inner strength can come at an early age. For other people, they may remain immersed in feelings of powerlessness all their life.

The Manipura Chakra is concentrated at the solar plexus, at our naval centre. When it awakens with feelings of self worth, willpower, action and endurance, our energy will flow. Conversely, feelings of worthlessness will contract the Manipura energy centre and our life struggles may continue.

We all need an inner radiance, a personal power, so we can shine and ultimately enjoy being unique, solitary, creative and self-empowered. This is part of our essential nature.

In the last decade, I have moved towards a steadiness in my mind, a personal self-belief and a discernment which enables me to feel strong. As with everyone though, energy fluctuates, so when I notice a lack of motivation or concentration or a feeling of a shadow descending or a lethargy, I remember the Manipura Chakra and give attention to my solar plexus and focus on reclaiming my personal power.

Usually, my sense of personal power diminishes when I allow my attention to drift to the past and get caught up in the bad stuff. With my awakened awareness, I am now able to catch myself and exercise choice and initiate will. This is how I continue to develop my individuality and discover new strengths and build the power to steer my own life and leave the passivity of being a child behind.

It is easy to confuse inner radiance and power of the Manipura Chakra with the ego. I have written about the ego before — — and have described how a strong ego has many pitfalls and disadvantages. The Manipura Chakra is considered to be the real place where a spiritual life begins. When the energy there is stirred and awakens, a spiritual charisma awakens. The ego then must allow for guidance from the spiritual realm which may be beyond normal consciousness, while still keeping the Self safe, engaged, committed, strong and empowered in the mundane world. Tricky! Hence the importance of being aware of our egos and letting them be a force for good.

Studying the Chakra’s isn’t easy. It’s complex and complicated, but I am committed and for me, the effort I put in to self-study reaps many rewards. In the path of yoga, in particular using the asanas, meditation and pranayama I am able (if I wish and if I feel the need) to design a practice that focusses on building (or rebuilding) the essence contained in Manipura Chakra, this essential part of myself.

How fortunate I am to, albeit later in life to have discovered yoga!

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