Na Po Wri Mo – April 1 2023

This is my response to and my first time taking part in National Poetry Writing Month, an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April. I feel inspired but acknowledge it’s a target I may not achieve. I can but try.

How to Write Poetry

I will keep on wondering 

about the broken things

that make me cry.  

About deep green 

oceans, swollen waves 

and pear drop tears.

I will keep on listening

to the yawning silence within 

where a steady, single flame 

burns with desire 

to be known, to belong

and to be heard. 

I will keep on letting go

of all that is out there, 

and focus on inner sensations 

pulsing, prickling, pumping,

informing me I am alive

and have something to say.

I will keep on watching clouds 

billowing, leaves fluttering, 

sunrises, the moon, setting suns.

Hope for fox cubs scampering,

damselflies resting, a badger

and recognise I too am nature.

I will keep on remembering

presence, moments of beauty,

here and now despite being 

burdened with a flickering mind.  

To write poetry is to find joy

and to discover why I am here. 

3 Replies to “Na Po Wri Mo – April 1 2023”

  1. Just so lovely. Poetry writing is JOY inducing. How very true. Your poem is just lovely. Nice that you decided to join in. Welcome (from a 3rd yr. participant) You will love it here. Blessings, LyndyH

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