Na Po Wri Mo – April 9 2023

Today we were asked to write a sonnet. My first thought? What is that?!

See here if you’d like to know more

Here is my offering. It may be a sonnet, it may not, but really, it is my words on a page and that is the only thing that matters to me.

Where Love Resides

Consider the pause between every breath.

How vast the distance between all the stars.

Between constant thoughts, see the tiny gaps

And ruptures in our heavy, saddened hearts.

And our tongues, though we never cease talking,

the words we utter have holes and fissures.

Consider two lovers entwined as one,

and the room between tangled arms and legs.  

Tenderness of kisses, softness of touch.

Cold empty space when they say their farewell.

And when we are alone and nights are long.

Where is love we long for and yearn to give?

We are fashioned from stardust, love and light.

And travel the path to eternity. 

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