Na Po Wri Mo – April 30 2023

The last day of national poetry month and the challenge was to ‘write a palinode – a poem in which you retract a view or sentiment expressed in an earlier poem.’ I did revisit my poems but decided to go off prompt and arrived at this:

How to Overcome Madness 

We plant seeds in the ground 

and dreams in the sky.

We hope our desires will balloon 

into clouds to carry us way 

above our wounded world. 

We sprinkle love to grow

roots deep in the soil, 

but we are on shaky shale.

The world spins out of control,

minds spiral into confusion.

The earth beneath us heaves, 

boundaries shift, fencing 

us inside our petty lives.

We smile at the sky praying 

our dreams will blossom. 

We focus attention, breathe

place hands on hearts, search 

for strength, humility, kindness.

We realise we can let go and love 

ourselves as human beings not doings.

When we discover we can escape 

the confines of humanity, leaving 

behind insanity, freedom is ours. 

We are the blue sky wonderland

where our dreams become reality. 

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