Feeling apprehensive!

imageHello Everyone, I’m Lyndy and this is my very first blog post. I’m feeling apprehensive because speaking out publicly and having a voice is so alien to me. This is as a direct consequence of my childhood and how I was brought up. I was ‘silenced’ and ‘squashed’ by my mother and had to carry her shame. I am 56 and have decided it is time that I came out from beneath her shadow. This is the main reason for creating my own blog. I feel I have much to say about the journey of healing from a traumatic and emotionally abusive childhood that will hopefully help others. I would like to connect with people who are empathetic and who may have similar experiences and who may have an interest in my other reasons for blogging – my love of painting animals, my passion for walking and my ideas for writing a novel. Another topic that may crop up is dogs – on that subject, here is a photo of Amos who has come to stay for the week. Thanks for reading!

3 Replies to “Feeling apprehensive!”

  1. Hi Amos looks very friendly as for walking I’ve got a couple of books about walks round London as much as I like Hampstead Heath there are so many times I can walk around it. Oh my name’s Phil


  2. Hi Lyndy.
    Hope that you enjoy blogging 101 and that you find your voice.

    I found my voice many years ago but had no luck getting anyone to listen except the cat.

    Cheers, Bill


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