Dare to be … a speaker


I dare to be a writer who speaks and a person who speaks out loud.

A writer of fiction is a person who speaks. When a writer tells their stories they are speaking through their words. They are telling the reader something. It may be an explicit message delivered through dialogue or a hidden meaning woven through the plot designed for the reader to discover as the novel concludes. The book may have a theme or reveal a moral message, it may speak of trouble in relationships, love, other worlds not known to us, murder or mystery. A writer speaks through their books and readers listen.

When I look back over my life, I see I have been a listener. I have been a person to enquire of the other, to listen to their stories. I have been a reader, a listener of the writer.

Until now, I have never dared to speak.

I am choosing to write as I want to speak through my writing.

My hope is that someone will listen.

A bigger challenge for me is to be a person who speaks out loud.

For many years, I was silenced by my mother. I was silenced because she passed me her silent message not to speak.

She died in 2007. Since then I have begun to speak. Initially I whispered, but now I shout (if I need to).

I dare to be a person who speaks.

Day  3 – Rowardennan to Inverarnan – 15 miles


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