Dare to be … a sharer

As a writer, I have dared to share my work with other writers and seek constructive feedback. I have found the process to be invaluable. Creative writing like any craft needs to be learnt. There are guidelines (or best practices) to follow in writing prose and pitfalls to avoid (for example: repetition, overly florid writing, unauthentic dialogue and using cliches).

In common with many other beginner writers, initially I found sharing my work daunting, dangerous and daring. To overcome my fears I first shared my short stories with family and friends, people who I did not doubt would support and encourage me. I soon realised to progress I needed to share my writing with others who could provide a writerly critique with feedback to help me grow and develop as a writer of fiction and a writer of novels.

I dared to share and was rewarded by seeing my writing improve.

I believe as a writer and an artist when I dare to share my craft, I learn and I develop.

Sharing anything of ourselves (our creations, our thoughts, our beliefs) can be scary. We run the risk of rejection, humiliation, alienation and confrontation. We may be challenged, laughed at, provoked, ignored even. Daring to share means we are willing to be vulnerable, and open ourselves up to change and challenges. We invite encounters with others which we may find difficult. Most important, we make the choice to experience what it’s like to reveal ourselves as a human being. Why else would we dare to share if not to show our humanity.

To not dare to share is to be closed to encounter. A valid choice, but I believe ultimately a limiting and lonely one. It is thorough sharing that we grow. It is part of being human.

I dare to share.



Day 4 – Invaranan to Tyndrum – 12.5 miles


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