Dare to be … silent

I have a daily yoga practice. Why? Because I dare to be silent. I dare to be silent because I dare to seek my supreme Self or my true identity which is universal and Divine.

In the West, people think of Yoga as exercise; putting your body into strange shapes and breathing deep, but this is only one ‘limb’ of an ancient eight limbed philosophy. Ultimately Yoga is about disentangling all that is human and finding contentment or a Higher Self.

I am one of those who have chosen to follow a spiritual path that is Yoga. We use the Asana (exercise) limb of yoga to train our bodies so we can sit in stillness and use the practice of mediation and the practise of silence to find (or for most people, glimpse) the Divine.

It requires commitment, dedication and is a journey that never ends. I began my journey in 2009, initially attending one class a week, then two. I have added a monthly yoga philosophy morning and my own daily practise.

But what has this to do with writing and writing with emotional depth?

I believe when we dare to be silent and sit in stillness, when we are able to quieten the constant chatter in our heads, our most beautiful Self is revealed and it is from this source that creativity emerges, our best and most beautiful writing.

Dare to sit with stillness in silence and see what you can create, what stories you can tell, poems you can craft and novels you can write.

I dare to be silent.


Day 5 – Tyndrum to Inveroran – 10 miles

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